About Maureen

I started a blogging in 2010 when I was in my late 20s and beginning to surf with the man who would later become my husband.  When we married in 2012, I started recording our travel experiences as well so we could one day share our adventures (and thereby love of travel) with our future children.

Our dream of becoming parents was realized in 2014 when our daughter Eleanor was born and we set out on what was going to be the adventure of our lives.  But just over 12 months later, while waiting to pull out onto a busy highway, my sweet Ted was killed by a driver who drifted off the road and directly into his driver-side door.

This blog morphed into a place to process my loss as it continually evolves, but perhaps more importantly, a venue where I can record memories of this amazing partner and father as a time capsule for Eleanor.  All of the journals, photo albums, memory books, and blogs in the world can’t bring him back to us, but they can capture some of the light that he shone into the world.

Ted encouraged my writing so much that he facilitated the launch of this website as a birthday gift to me one year.  When I would nurse Eleanor in the middle of the night, he would stay up with me and read my latest blogs that I had just transferred over to this new platform.  Hearing him chuckle at 2am while reading my work was the greatest compliment I could have received.  I owe him all the credit for encouraging my writing so I want him to live on through it.