Don’t Break Your Board

Okay, so ever since I got my new board, I’ve had this weird fear of breaking it.  I believe it began after I excitedly told my ex-surfer coworker that I was the proud owner of my very own board and his response was, “Good for you; don’t break it.”

It’s just, the board is really nice, and it was a gift.  How horrible would that be to break most definitely the coolest gift I’ve ever gotten?!

Now, as it’s been explained to me in an attempt to calm this completely irrational fear, my board is made of epoxy, which is significantly stronger than the traditional foam boards with fiberglass coating.  When you hear of a surfer breaking their board, there are several factors in play that are simply not present in my surfing.

a)  They were surfing traditional foam boards that are, as I mentioned above, far less rigid than epoxy boards.
b)  They were surfing in waves that had considerably more power than the typical waves found in the Gulf of Mexico.
c)  They were pushing their boards to limits beyond my imagination by doing maneuvers I’ll only ever see in Surfer magazine.

So I guess I can relax then.  Except that, as I began feeling better about the whole situation, my fear‑inducing coworker sent me this photo:
Yep, that’s my face photoshopped onto a surfer’s body…on the upside, look how tan my legs are!