A Vist to the ENT


So I guess when I dove face first into a sandbar on my recent surf trip, I did a little damage to the eardrum.

I wondered what was going on when a few days had passed and it wasn’t getting better, but rather quite a bit worse.  By day 7, the whole left side of my head hurt so badly and I could feel my heart beat in my ear.


I had been intent on waiting it out.  I way rather let time heal wounds rather than medication – but the pain was all but bringing me to my knees.

Luckily an ENT was able to see me that same day and he only had to take one look to tell me that the sandbar definitely won the fight.

I guess there was a bit of sand and salt water on my eardrum so he suctioned it out and it immediately felt better.

The relief was staggering.  I was so happy that I wanted to bring him lunch for a month (but I didn’t).

Here’s to modern medicine.

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