Homeward Bound

A travel blog, something I should have begun years ago, is next on my writing horizon.  In keeping with the retroactive theme of my surf blog, this too will require going back in time (at least initially) to capture some important trips.  I know, I know – who posts stories from the past, way in the past, but some of these things must be captured.  However, the first group of posts (and this one will actually be in real time) is our trip to Ireland.

Almost a year has passed since that blessed day when Ted and I said “I do,” and what better place than the west coast of Ireland to celebrate it?  In addition to our Irish heritage, we got married on St. Patrick’s Day.  Like all brides, I look back on this day as the best one of my life, but I also look back with an immense sense of gratitude for all the blessings we were given.

Dempsey Wedding-1454

We truly had the luck of the Irish throughout the planning process.  In four weeks’ time, we pulled together a beautiful outdoor wedding, complete with a bagpiper and hand-fastingceremony.  The entire celebration was filled with meaning.

A woman in Ireland, who ironically shares our last name, made the binding cord for our hand fasting, and close friends and family made the cake and food (all in the Irish theme, including corned beef and cabbage, Shepherd’s Pie, and Irish stew).  Ted’s sister made the bouquet and boutonnières, as well as the fresh lavender favors, and my brother’s girlfriend made my hair piece and the cake topper.

Continuing with our family wedding motif, we got married in my parents’ front yard underneath a century-old oak tree.  The azaleas and camellias were in bloom, and the dogwood tree was full of white blossoms.  Even the bunny that was romping around the week before as my mom and I were working in the yard made an appearance.  The day was perfect and we honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Dempsey Wedding-3083

Coming up to our 1-year anniversary now, we’re crossing the Atlantic under a darkened sky, heading toward the home of our ancestors.  I can’t wait to see what awaits us.