Zip Lining

When I was in 3rd grade, I had a friend whose parents somehow acquired a zip line for their backyard.  This was the 80s, long before zip lining became mainstream recreation, so they were one of the coolest houses on the street.  Come to think of it, the family also had a “boat phone” for their cigarette boat so I guess they were pretty progressive.

Now, the zipline wasn’t that high off the ground and there was of course no harness.  You just held on to the tiny plastic handles on either side of the trolley and made sure you lifted your feet high enough so they didn’t catch a stump on the way across.  But still, it was a zip line…in their back yard.

When zip lines began cropping up in places like the Costa Rican jungle, it took top spot on my To Do list.

So today was a big day.  Granted, it was not gliding over a rainforest valley and through a waterfall before landing in a natural pool.  But it in the gorgeous Rockies and high enough up to make you nervous, which is frequently an indication that you’re doing something worthwhile.

Our group of a dozen or so met at the base camp to get paired up with helmets and harnesses, then we hiked a couple of miles up the mountain to the first platform.

Now, I love heights.  I bungee jumped multiple times in my youth and was heartbroken when those businesses became a thing of the less litigious past.  When I was a teen, I thought it’d be cool to get married while sky diving, and one of my favorite things to do when visiting a city with some decent buildings is to hike to the top to take in the view.

So I was surprised to feel a flutter in my stomach when I hopped off the platform, but half way across the valley I figured I was committed, so I may as well enjoy it.

Each run got progressively higher and our instructors dared us to do one upside down.  Ted did it so how could I not?


There was a professional photographer following us – and yes, we were the suckers who bought the damn CD afterward – so he got some pretty fun shots.

The last run was the coolest because of both the height and the distance.  It also made for a beautiful picture with a mountain on the horizon in the background.

Everyone picked their poses.  Ted did the Running Man and I did a Mary Poppins impersonation holding the umbrella.  Not too sure how it came off but look at how nicely my toes are pointed!


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