Breakfast on the Water

Ever since I began this glorious sport, Ted has charmed me with stories of his early morning surf sessions at Ocean Beach, then grabbing breakfast at the café on the pier.  So it can only be expected that one of my must-do’s before heading home was to enjoy a little brecky at the café and watch the surfers in the lineup below.

This morning was the day, and we drove down to the coast in the fog.  San Diego is typically foggy in the morning until it warms up enough to burn off the fog, but today it seemed denser than normal.

As we walked down the pier to the cafe, surfers who were initially hidden in the fog were slowly unveiled in the gray water.


The café didn’t disappoint.  It maintained the hole-in-the-wall feel that Ted remembered from years ago, and the portions were heroic.

We got a Spanish omelet (with chorizo for a punch of authenticity) and mango pancakes.  Those were delish, and delightfully tropical.  I’ve had blueberry, banana, and chocolate chip (duh) pancakes, but I’ve never had ones embellished with mango.  I felt like Jack Johnson was somewhere making a mental note.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When we finally gave up the fight and put down our forks, we paid our checks and walked to a spot on the pier where we could watch the surfers for a while.

As we observed the waves rolling in under the pier, it became clear they had been building throughout the morning.  It was such an interesting vantage point, watching surfers from above.  We got to see them duck dive under, paddle for, and ride on top of these powerful waves.

It was a perfect way to round out our trip.

See you back in Florida.