Mission Bay

Ever since I began this glorious sport, Ted has charmed me with stories of his early morning surf sessions at Ocean Beach, then grabbing breakfast at the café on the pier.  So it can only be expected that one of my must-do’s before heading home was to enjoy a little brecky at the café and watch the surfers in the lineup below.
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Yesterday while Ted was in his conference, I took the car and did one of my favorite things: explore…and maybe get a little lost.

Not a big deal to get lost in a big city because you just have to get to an interstate (assuming they all intersect at some point – oh, and it helps if you know which one your hotel is off of).

Plus, I had my cell phone with me if things got really bad – no, it doesn’t have GPS, but that’s why I have a map.
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After our surf lesson, we walked up Avenida de la Playa to grab some fish tacos. Luckily the restaurant (Papalulus) had patio seating so we could wear our wetsuits while we ate.  It felt glorious, sitting with the sun at our backs, warming us up. Continue reading

Last night we had dinner at a fabulous Mexican restaurant (El Fandango) in Old Town – the settling place for the first Europeans who came to California.

Now a neighborhood made up of authentic Mexican restaurants, boutiques, and museums, Old Town is considered to be the birthplace of California.

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