Sushi Mushi

Last night we went to the Japanese restaurant Matsuhisa that specializes in fusion cuisine…even in their sushi.

Now, I’m a huge sushi lover and being pregnant hasn’t changed that. Though, I eat mostly cooked sushi now but this is the most high-end sushi place I’ve ever set foot in so I figured it’d be safe to gamble a little with some raw fish.

Our waitress was fantastic and the menu was incredibly eclectic, so we let her order for us.

IMG_0461The dinner got off to a bang with oyster shooters: raw oysters, a quail egg, sake, soy, and a cucumber stick on top. I couldn’t partake because of the raw oyster but I have to say, as adventurous of an eater that I am (hell, I’ve had cow tongue, squid ink, an octopus, whatever the weirdest thing on the menu is – I want it), I’m kind of glad that my delicate condition prevented me from having these. I love raw oysters…and I’ve enjoyed the occasional quail egg, but the combination with the sake and the soy didn’t make for a winning combination for our group.

It was all up from there, though. Everything else we had was incredible. There were dishes with raw scallops, steamed sea bass, toro tuna (yeah, the stuff that’s about $50/lb), and the list goes on and on. I’ve never had such an exquisite sushi meal.

For the dessert, I splurged on the black sesame fudge, which was served with goat cheese ice cream (really, how could I not?) and garnished with a beet chip.

Gochisosama deshita!

IMG_0466 IMG_0468 IMG_0458


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